I have several music projects going on with friends. Sometimes this results in fun stuff.

Moment 23

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Sent ska cynikern vakna

My first band. We disbanded in 1992, but reunited in the spring of 2015 for a quick gig when our drummer turned 40. This was a lot of fun and suddenly we started rehearsing and writing songs again. We’ve played a few gigs and will continue to play more. We released our first album Allting kommer tillbaka in October 2015 & our second one Män med starka ideal in September 2016. Our latest epic, Sent ska cynikern vakna, was released in March 2019.

Eingriff – cover of Depeche Mode’s Never let me down again

Eingriff– cover of Aha’s Take on me.

Eingriff – cover of Thåström’s Vacker död stad.


Zero Gravity Camels

A band I sang & played guitar in the late 90s. We met up and recorded one of our old songs a few months back.


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