Reviews are trickling in…

Reviews of Waiting for the Machines to Fall Asleep have begun to trickle in, and most of them are really positive. I like the book too. Several stories are very good and it shows the great breadth of sci-fi & speculative fiction in Sweden.

My story Getting to the End is brought up as a favorite in several reviews, and that makes me happy of course. To be fair, one reviewer also thinks it’s “/…/ hardly original so it really just becomes an exercise in style.” I can live with that 🙂

If you’re in Sweden – and in Uppsala to be exact – on May 24th, several of the authors will be signing the book at the Uppsala English Bookshop. I can’t be there myself unfortunately.

Some of the reviews then:

Mad Scientist’s Journal – “I also enjoyed “Getting to the End,” by Erik Odeldahl. While it reads very much like an old pulp or noir mystery, little things begin to trickle in over the course of the story to let you know that there’s something much more going on.”

SF Crow’s Nest – “Another story which I really liked was ‘Getting To The End’ by Erik Odeldahl. It takes virtual reality and storytelling to a whole new level and well worth a read.”

Rising Shadow – “- A well written and interesting story about a man who’s capable of finding things.  /../ This is one of the best stories in this anthology.”